GSE Management


We offer a wide range of pre-owned GSE equipment for sale or for rent at competitive prices. All of our equipment is maintained in prime condition by our qualified technical team and if required, can be fully refurbished in our partner workshops. Additionally, we offer logistic support to transport the equipments to final destination. 
Buying or renting second-hand GSE equipment is the ideal solution for your company to cover short-term situations with low cost equipment:

  • Production peaks (special events, peak hours, etc.)
  • Temporary time coverage derived from exceptional situations (high rates of equipment out of service, delay in delivery of new equipment, etc.)



Our experienced staff can successfully undertake the maintenance on all types of equipment. We work through our company METSSA in Madrid and Barcelona and through partner companies in the rest of the airports.

  • We presently provide maintenance services to 1,500 motorized and 4,500 non-motorized assets.
  • We provide mobile workshops 24/24 all year long to prevent breakdowns on the runway.
  • We are committed to the environment, waste collection, electrical vehicles, gas, etc. Our engineering department is in contact with manufacturers to match our clients� needs and to offer solutions (Bag-on).
  • We adapt our assets to local, national, European law and IATA standards.



Our technicians perform Airport Technical Inspections (ITA�s) to ensure equipment and vehicles are in good conditions environment-friendly:

  • General Regulation on Vehicles, adopted by Royal Decree # 2822 of 23
  • Airport Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Inspection Procedures Manual
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